Equine Therapy is a combination of many therapies

This article talks about a variety of therapies that can be effective in work with kids and teens with asperger’s.

Through our work with horses, we work on speech and language. Mounted work has been found to stimulate neural activity, opening the door for increased language. We constantly check in with our clients verbal, “how are you doing? Where do you want to go? What color is this? Ask your horse to ‘whoa’.”

The occupational piece is covered when we bend and stretch, grooming and tacking up, using fine muscles to fasten buckles and coordinate the use of hands and legs to steer the horse.

And Behavioral is all about the relationship. How do you have to behave to have your horse listen to you and do as you ask? Clients develop self confidence as they gain control of a 1000+ pound ‘partner’ (horse) and learn who to anticipate what the horse is likely to do in a given situation, such as what happens when the box of ‘wheat thins’ is shaken…everybody is paying attention then!

We would love to share more with you about how our program may be able to help your child or teen on the spectrum. Call us and we will schedule a visit. We will show you around the ranch, introduce you to the horses and learn more about your child/teen.

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