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An interesting look at another way work with horses can help

It is not uncommon to come to a place in our lives where we wonder how we got to where we are and why we are doing what we are doing. Sometimes this is called a midlife crisis, but for … Continue reading

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Short and sweet parenting tips

Just a little tidbit, giving a few ideas to make your life easier as a parent living with ADHD. In our work we focus on firm, fair and consistent rules, not only for the horses, but for the clients too. … Continue reading

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Nice article looking at strategies for dealing with ADHD

I know as parents, sometimes you are simply at a loss for how to deal with your child’s behaviors. This was a pretty good article giving some tips on calming ADHD symptoms. Through our work with horses we can create … Continue reading

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Observations about horses

I found this great blog about one woman’s experiences building a relationship with horses and thought is was worth sharing. In our program, we address social, emotional and behavioral issues through work with horses. This usually starts by encouraging a … Continue reading

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You are not alone!

I thought I would share this blog with you Mom’s living with Asperger’s. ¬†Your life can be challenging, but know you are not alone (and it could be much worse!) We can help your child/teen develop some of the skills … Continue reading

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A good article about the various types of equine programs

This article gives some clarity about a variety of ways that horses can partner to help humans achieve their goals. We combine a variety of philosophies and techniques to provide a unique and truly individualized program for our clients. Though … Continue reading

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Another state recognizes that insurance carries must provide coverage for those with Autism

We are pleased to share that California Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill that will require California insurance carriers to cover services for autism interventions. There are now over 25 states that have show their support for families dealing with … Continue reading

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Depression has many facets

This article posted up on Deepak Chopra’s website has so much information that I wanted to share it with you. Spending time with horses can be a powerful intervention in the treatment of depression. We will work with you to … Continue reading

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Some helpful tips for dealing with “meltdowns”

Knowing the right thing to do when your child’s emotions spiral out of control is a real challenge. This short article gives some good tips. In our work with horses we may focus on emotional regulation, coping skills and anger … Continue reading

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Tips for the classroom and at home too!

This is a nice¬†article that looks at some things teachers can do to help kids with ADHD be successful in the classroom. However, I felt that several of them, such as “provide fidget objects” were things that would be helpful … Continue reading

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