Our partnership with Center for Hope

We really enjoy our weekly sessions with the gals from Center for Hope. They each come with their own experiences and insights which are shared through our work with horses. This week was the last session for one of the gals. She was a rider before she came to Hope and has been working with us for a few months, so when she asked to go on a trial ride we were happy to make it happen. She and CTEI (Certified Therapeutic Equine Instructor) Bambi took Ruby and Kody out on the trail while I stayed back at the ranch with a couple of other gals to do arena work. Everyone had such a good time! The gals I worked with had a real “ah ha” moment – one of them asked me about how to slow the horse down without having him stop. I asked her if she has driven different cars, “ya know when you put your foot on the gas pedal, every car is different. It’s true with horses too. You will have to just try a little pressure and see if it is enough or too much.” The “ah ha” was that life is like that! “You walk a fine line, always checking to see when you reach enough, but trying to avoid ‘too much’.” They got it! It was great!! Then when Bambi and her trail riding buddy returned  and we were saying our final good-byes, the young gal thanked us and told us she had learned so much from us “and not just about horses.” MADE OUR DAY!

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