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A helpful list to have

This article lists the top 5 autism organizations helping families and professionals. These are good resources for all kinds of information. For the most current and helpful information, check out these sources.

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Autism is a family matter

This great article looks at the challenges faced by siblings of kids and teens on the spectrum. Though the needs of your ASD child are probably pretty intense, you don’t want to forget about the other family member OR YOURSELF! … Continue reading

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Equine Assisted Therapy and modulating emotions

This is a very interesting article about one aspect of the many great benefits of equine assisted therapy. We work on awareness and modulation of emotions with many clients.  From the “hyper- active” child to the angry teen to the … Continue reading

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We need to let our teens know we are there for them

It is sad to think that many, many teens battle depression along, but this article points to some alarming numbers. Let the teens in your life, your kids, your nieces and nephew, your neighbor’s kids, your kid’s friends, let them … Continue reading

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Early detection is so important

Getting a head start on strong interventions are vital for your child with autism’s future. So many parents have shared that before they got the “official diagnosis” they had suspected there was something not right. This article gives a few … Continue reading

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How childhood sexual abuse changes your life forever

This candid interview with Heath Evans, New Orleans Saints Fullback, talks about the devastating results of childhood sexual abuse. Horses can help lead the way to healing. They will respond to our unspoken emotions, gently pushing towards awareness and acknowledgement. They … Continue reading

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When/how do you talk to your teens about suicide

Tragically, it happens all to often – a friend, classmate or just someone at the middle/high school commits suicide. Or maybe it is just a story on the news, but your teen may be feeling troubled by the awareness that … Continue reading

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Caregivers must find time to care for themselves

As our populations shifts and the baby-boomers become our elderly, more families will be facing the challenges of elder care.  This article notes the results of a recent survey showing that caregivers face higher rates of depression. We offer a … Continue reading

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Some programs may be saved

It appears that autism programs and some other programs for the those most in need may not be cut, or at least the cuts will not be so deep. This article shares that money has been found to keep some … Continue reading

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Life lessons through work with horses

Recently, while working with a client, we had another pretty powerful “ah ha moment” I thought I would share. The client was working with Mystic in the small arena away from the other 3 horses. Mystic was a bit anxious, … Continue reading

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