Caregivers must find time to care for themselves

As our populations shifts and the baby-boomers become our elderly, more families will be facing the challenges of elder care.  This article notes the results of a recent survey showing that caregivers face higher rates of depression.

We offer a variety of services that may help. In our senior’s program we spend time introducing seniors to the joy of horses – gentle exercise, increased self confidence, mental and emotional stimulation are all benefits of work with horses. Caregivers may be able to take a break while we work with the client.

We also do family work, so the care giver may choose to participate in our sessions – increasing communication, cooperation and compromise. Plus sharing this wonderful activity is a great way to strengthen relationships.

Horses are also a great way for overwhelmed caregivers to give themselves a chance to heal and restore some inner peace.

We would be happy to meet with you to share how we might be able to help. Call us today to schedule a visit. We will show you around the ranch, introduce you to our wonderful horses and learn more about your situation.

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