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The Growing Support for Equine Assisted Therapy

Of course we see it in the work we do. We see that children, teens and even adults can experience learning, growth and change through work with horses. They become less impulsive. They become less self-conscious. They become less anxious. … Continue reading

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Consider the Positives of ADHD

Most of the time we are dealing with the negative impact of ADHD. Lack of focus, impulsive behaviors and a myriad of social, emotional and behavioral issues accompany an ADHD diagnosis. This neurological disorder is challenging for the child/teen/adult with … Continue reading

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Does My Child Have Inattentive ADHD

He just can’t seem to focus….Her bedroom is such a disaster. She can never find anything…How could you forget your homework? Sound familiar? Sometimes we just can’t get a handle on what is going on with our kids. No matter … Continue reading

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