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There is help for mental health issues

This is the incredible story about Keris Myrick’s struggle with mental illness. Her story is harrowing and inspirational. The “take away” for me is that there is help available. We have to shed the stigma that forces people to hide their problems … Continue reading

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What our families have to say about Equine Therapy

I’m sharing this because I know there are those who still question the effectiveness of Equine Therapy for addressing social, emotional and behavioral problems. We have been working with a young man. He’s 16 years old and faces a number … Continue reading

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Baxter and a story about what horses really have to offer

We think all of our horses are awesome, but we confess, we are biased, but we’ll let you be the judge… Baxter, our great big Thoroughbred has had some lameness issues lately. The Thoroughbred breed is infamous for having “bad … Continue reading

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