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Why horses?

Many people wonder about why horses can be such powerful ‘therapy’ animals. The truth is that the bring a lot of interesting things to the game. Horses live in the moment. They do not spend time worrying about past or … Continue reading

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Wild Mustang Help Heal Prisoners

There is always a lot of press, at least here in Nevada, about our countries wild horses. There are many great rescue organizations and lots of people work very hard to protect them. Once trained Mustangs can go on to … Continue reading

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Nevada Equine Therapy is looking for a new home!

    For the past 3 years Nevada Equine Assisted Therapy has been located at the UNR Equestrian Center. However, we recently were informed by UNR that they will not be renewing our lease when it ends on May 31, … Continue reading

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Profile of a Therapy Horse

Baxter’s Pass “Baxter” started life out as a race horse in California. He’s a great big Thoroughbred – 16.3 (and a smidge more) hands tall and built big and stocky like a ‘Warmblood’ rather than your typical fine-boned Thoroughbred, but … Continue reading

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Please Welcome Kelsey and Ransom to our Team!

We are happy to announce the addition of Kelsey Mammen, QMHA and her wonderful horse Ransom to our program. Kelsey graduated from the University of Nevada, Reno with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and English-Writing. She is currently pursuing her certification as a … Continue reading

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Profile of a Therapy Horse

Kody (yes, Kody started life as a ‘Bay’ horse!) didn’t always look like he was good therapy horse material. He had been used as a means to an end, kind of a tool used to get a certain job done, … Continue reading

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Another story about how horses are helping people heal

I am always so pleased to hear stories about horses doing the work I know they are so good at.  This program is different from ours, but the work done by Angie Payne taps into the wonderful healing power of … Continue reading

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Bambi and I would like to thank an anonymous donor for her generous gift to us. Her contribution will allow us to stock up on all the various medications that the horses need. The truth is that several of our … Continue reading

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In honor of the horses

On a lighter note, there is a new series of books, published by Enslow Publishers, a children’s school and library book publishing house, all about horses with special jobs. We were thrilled to discover that the series includes “Therapy Horses: Horses That … Continue reading

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What is “Horse Sense”?

I always love it when I discover that a saying such as “Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth” has a meaning that I didn’t even know about! This saying originated because you can tell the age of the … Continue reading

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