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Wild Mustang Help Heal Prisoners

There is always a lot of press, at least here in Nevada, about our countries wild horses. There are many great rescue organizations and lots of people work very hard to protect them. Once trained Mustangs can go on to … Continue reading

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What do ADHD and Autism have in common?

Right off the bat, you probably think that ADHD and Autism have nothing in common. They are VERY different. You are right. They are. However, in this really interesting article from Huffington Post, we can see that in fact there … Continue reading

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Alarming Rise in Teenage Girls Dealing with Depression

Life today can be very complicated. There is incredible pressures pulling in every direction and it often feels like there is little help available. Teenage girls seem to be perhaps struggling the most. With conflicting expectation and too few positive … Continue reading

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Early Intervention is vital

Thankfully, in this day and age, there is so much information available, that most people are at least aware of what Autism is. There is more understanding and less judgement by others. However, there is still a lot to learn … Continue reading

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