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Is Grief the same as Depression?

This article talks about the possibility that “grief” will be included as one type of depression in a new version of the “Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders“. Though grief is a normal and natural reaction in many situations. … Continue reading

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What message do we send about “looking good”?

We have seen first hand how eating disorders can affect anyone. In our work with Center for Hope of the Sierras we have met women young and old, who have come together, from every walk of life, to battle for … Continue reading

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Medication is only part of the solution

As this article points out, medication alone is not an ideal solution for dealing with ADHD. When working with children and teens who are living with ADHD equine therapy addresses increasing focus, decreasing impulsivity and improving self-esteem. Whether leading, grooming, … Continue reading

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Depression can affect all members of the family

This is a good article about how one family member’s depression can affect the entire family. How each family member responds and interacts with the others is vital to a healthy, happy home environment. For those dealing with depression we … Continue reading

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Wow! Great work being done in Great Britain for those dealing with PTSD

Wanted to share this wonderful video clip about a program that is helping veterans who are dealing with PTSD. Horses offer an incredible opportunity for healing, growth and learning.  We work with many clients, children, teens and adults, who have … Continue reading

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Found this study of depression VERY interesting

New research shows that, for women, depression may have a lot to do with your maternal relationship. I found this particularly interesting, as it would then make sense of why depression is so often passed on from generation to generation. … Continue reading

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This Equine Therapy Program helps woman heal

Horses offer such an incredible opportunity for growth and healing! This Texas based program works with woman who have been in abusive relationships. If you or someone you know is living in an abusive relationship – seek help! In our … Continue reading

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How do we help kids with Aspergers?

Whatever challenges they face, we want our kids to succeed. Sometimes knowing how to help them along can be daunting. This is a nice blog about how parents can help their children living with Aspergers. We find that by providing … Continue reading

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Depression, some things to think about…

This is a good article that looks at some of the misinformation out of there about depression. No one is immune from depression. It can happen to any of us. But, there are many things that can help. One of … Continue reading

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Understanding Eating Disorders

This is great information by D. Kenneth Weiner, about the reality of eating disorders!  There are so many misconceptions about what eating disorders are all about. Understanding is the first step towards being able to help. We are very proud … Continue reading

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