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New name, same level of expertise and an eye on the future

It is refreshing to see an professional organization that is alert to the growth and changing needs of its members! This article talks about the profession organization that certified both Bambi and I as Therapeutic Equine Instructors. This organization has … Continue reading

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Respect, dignity and understanding

I love this list! It’s awesome! We should treat all children with respect, dignity and understanding. In our work with children & teens on the autism spectrum we focus on building on strengths and working past challenges – We start … Continue reading

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Time is running out!

The first two sessions of our great Horses 1 On 1 summer camp is set to start the first week of July. Each session is 4 days/8 hours long and covers everything from herd observation to actually getting up on … Continue reading

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How work with horses can help with the daily struggle

This article is a acknowledgement and tribute to all of those who bravely face the challenges of your issues every single day.  For many, life is not easy even on a good day. When battling with mental health issues sometimes … Continue reading

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Sharing your struggles with others can be very beneficial

This NYTimes article talks about how more and more people are deciding to come forward to share the story of their struggles with mental illness. The act of telling your story can be very healing and knowing that you are … Continue reading

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What to do when the weather is HOT!

The best solution for these very hot days is to paint your horse and then give them a bath!       Here is one  of our client’s “leaving his mark” and then giving his horse Baxter a “hose job”! … Continue reading

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Equine Therapy to beat summer depression

This article talks about some of the causes as well as giving you 6 tips for combating summer depression. Work with horses hits on 3 of the things they suggest for fighting summer depression – get some exercise – work … Continue reading

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Caregivers need support too

This article talks a little bit about the challenges of caring for someone with mental illness. You must take care of yourself so that you have what you need to care for those around you. Work with horses can be … Continue reading

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Eating Disorders in children & teens

The increasing incidence of eating disorders in young people is really frightening. This article talks about some of the things that parents can do to keep their children healthy. We are proud of the work we do with Center for … Continue reading

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Is there any reason not to seek a second opinion?

Doctors are authority figures and we are often tempted to accept their edicts as if they are golden truths from on high.  However the sad truth is that doctors have their “favorite recipes” just like the rest of us.  This … Continue reading

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