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You may be asking “Why Horses”

Horses live in the present moment and give immediate, unfiltered and honest feedback to those around them. By working closely with a horse or horses, a person learns better self-understanding. The size and true nature of the horse serve as … Continue reading

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The facts are frightening!

Too many young women value how they look over life itself! Survey results indicate that we have some very serious issues with what we have promoted as important. Through our work with horses we focus on self confidence and empowerment … Continue reading

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Depression can destroy relationships

The research shows that there are many reasons that depression causes relationships to deteriorate. If you or someone you care about is struggling seek help before irreparableĀ damage is done. Work with horses can be a powerful intervention for those dealing … Continue reading

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Another N.E.A.T. Event

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New Study will help determine why kids with autism wander/bolt

I think the results of this new study will be very interesting. Knowing why should help us to better protect our kids. We work with children and teens on the spectrum. Though our program works on client specific goals and … Continue reading

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This may sound cold, but it’s “pay now or pay later”

With out appropriate interventions many children with autism will end up unable to care for themselves, let alone be contributing members of society. Do we really want to sentence children to an unfulfilled future? The Nevada legislature is considering cuts … Continue reading

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Nice story about how we can change perceptions

This story tells about how one woman has been able to make a difference! Our work with kids/teens on the spectrum is so exciting! Through work with horses we ave been able to stimulate communication, increase vocabulary, decrease compulsive behaviors, … Continue reading

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What we eat can have a profound effect on us

It may be that most of us, especially kids with ADHD, have an “allergy” to food dyes. The studies have been done and now the FDA is set to review the findings. We all need to be thoughtful about what … Continue reading

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Dealing with the challenges of ADHD

This article shares some good insights on dealing with ADHD. Though challenging, it doesn’t need to be a battle! Work with horses can be so effective for children and teens dealing with ADHD. Though we always work with each client … Continue reading

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There are inexpensive mental health options

Finding the money for mental health care is especially challenging in these difficult times. this article offers some inexpensive options that might work for you. We work with a variety of funding sources and including Nevada Medicaid. We are approved … Continue reading

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