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This Equine Program looks at some of the same issues we do

This program works in a lot of the same areas that we do. The founder’s experiences showed her just how powerfully healing horses can be. We work with children, teens, adults, couples, siblings, families and small groups to address a … Continue reading

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Let’s not forget that adults can struggle with ADHD too

This was a great list of tips for improving communication between couples dealing with ADHD. We work with children, teens, adults and seniors – or work includes sessions for individuals, siblings, families, couples and small groups. Horses have something to … Continue reading

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Reno fire, Friday, November 18, 2011

Friday, November 18 started like most days. I slept in till about 5am. After cleaning the kitty litter box (there’s cats, gotta keep up!) I went out to drop the bag in the trash, “hmmm, smells like smoke. Wonder where … Continue reading

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This is good information about Applied Behavioral Analysis

This is a pretty straightforward article about Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA). We have found this to be a very effective approach to working with kids, especially those on the autism spectrum.  In our work with horses, since each client plan … Continue reading

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Understanding the difference between ADD and ADHD

Lots of kids are diagnosed with these issues, but lots of people don’t understand the differences. This quick article gives some guidance and helps clarify the things. Though each clients goals are specific to them, when working with kids/teens/adults with … Continue reading

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The power of horses…

This is an important part of what we do…

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Equine Assisted Learning and Corporate Team Building

Team building does not need to be the same old thing!  This was a nice article about how work with horses can take your business to the next level. And the good news is, Nevada Equine Assisted Therapy can design … Continue reading

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Dad feels bad and so do the kids

An interesting new study shows that when Dad is depressed there is a good chance it will effect the kids.  And childhood depression can lead to a lifelong battle with this debilitating condition. If you are struggling with depression, seek help. … Continue reading

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A different way of viewing autism

This was a very interesting article in the LA Times. The fact is, every one of us has both gifts and challenges that make us the unique human we are. Do we really want to want to “write off” those … Continue reading

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