A different way of viewing autism

This was a very interesting article in the LA Times. The fact is, every one of us has both gifts and challenges that make us the unique human we are. Do we really want to want to “write off” those who are different?  Whose to say that they don’t hold the key to finding a cure for cancer or reversing global warming?  Can we really afford to let anyone not contribute whatever it is they are capable of giving?

In our work with those on the autism spectrum we encourage the gifts while trying to minimize the challenges.  Horses don’t care about any of this. They simply ask that we be honest, fair and consistent in our interactions with them. And we can help children and teens learn these skills. Skills that then become a way of address the rest of their lives.

We would love an opportunity to share more about our program with you. Call us and we will arrange a visit, give yo a tour of the ranch and introduce you to our wonderful horses.

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