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Equine Therapy and the treatment of eating disorders

This article explores several of the reasons why working with horses can be a very powerful intervention for those dealing with an eating disorder. We are proud of our partnership with the Center for Hope of the Sierras, a comprehensive … Continue reading

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There baaaack!

Mystic and Baxter returned early Friday evening and were back to work on Saturday morning! Just the prospect of having a foal (next summer) has encourages some great conversation – “how will the herd interact with a baby?” Baxter and … Continue reading

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We bring our horses home today!

If you have been following along, you know that Mystic, our National Show Horse mare, along with her buddy, Baxter (our big Thoroughbred gelding) have been visiting our Veterinarian, Dr. Tyler Brady, to breed Mystic to a fabulous stallion, Adoniis. We … Continue reading

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Parents of “special needs” kids must know their options

There is often confusion about what the school system is required to provide for kids with special needs. This article helps clarify some of the facts about what you have a right to expect for your child. We work with … Continue reading

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I’m really liking this website!

This is another article from a really good website addressing ADHD issues. This article offers tips for helping kids/teens with ADHD improve emotional control. We use some of these techniques in our work with horses and find them to be … Continue reading

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This is another great article about making life work for those with ADHD

Though it is geared towards kids and teens with ADHD, this article gives some great tips on how to provide “discipline with dignity”. Our work with horses offers us a unique opportunity to model “levels of pressure” – asking nicely … Continue reading

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Buck is the man!

This is a great clip about a great movie about a great man! He is all about what we try to share with our clients!!

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It so hard to see our children struggle…

Children with social, emotional and behavioral challenges can become so frustrated with things that may come easy to children not dealing with issues that they simply want to give up. This article offers some tips on what parents (and other … Continue reading

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Another opportunity to share what we do

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: July 21, 2011 – N.E.A.T. – Nevada Equine Assisted Therapy announces that, in partnership with Community Chest, Inc. of Virginia City, they will be hosting the Comstock Youth Works program.  These high school students will participate in … Continue reading

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Mornings can be challenging under the best of circumstances!

This was a great article with helpful tips on structuring more functional mornings for families living with ADHD. Horses are a powerful tool in helping children and teens dealing with ADHD improve focus, decrease impulsivity and build self-esteem. We work … Continue reading

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