This is another great article about making life work for those with ADHD

Though it is geared towards kids and teens with ADHD, this article gives some great tips on how to provide “discipline with dignity”.

Our work with horses offers us a unique opportunity to model “levels of pressure” – asking nicely for what we want, but then, if necessary, being progressively more firm about what we ask.  We are able to demonstrate “firm, fair and consistent” interactions with our horses and explain why, sometimes we must insist that our horses do what we ask. When clients are able to understand that “I mean what I say” is the basis of building trust, they become much more comfortable with both giving and receiving a correction.

ADHD is just one of many issues that we can address in our work with horses. We invite you to come out to the ranch, get a tour, meet the horses and learn more about how we might be able to help with the issues you or your child/teen are dealing with. Call us today to schedule a visit.



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