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We must recognize that anyone can suffer with an eating disorder

This was a really good article about male binge eating. When we accept that eating disorders are tied to mental health issues, it’s not hard to understand that ANYONE can find themselves dealing with this issue. We are proud of … Continue reading

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No one is immune to depression

This article provides a pretty honest look at male depression. Yes men can suffer from depression too. And imagine how hard it is to buck the macho male model and admit that you are in pain. And then to seek … Continue reading

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Working with horses can help those dealing with autism

This is a nice story about a program in OH and the work they do with people in the autism spectrum. Our work with kids and teens on the spectrum is so rewarding!  We develop individual goals and objectives which … Continue reading

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Another great piece on Temple Grandin!

Here is another interview with Temple Grandin!  I am always so interested to hear what she has to say and we are very excited that we will be able to see her in person in November.

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Horses can help to heal in so many ways

This was a very interesting article about work with horses and how it can help people living with mood disorders. Horses offer so many opportunities to challenge and delight us. Discovering each horses unique personality, their playfulness, stubbornness, laziness, all … Continue reading

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New study on brain development in children with Autsim

This new study finds that the brain develops more slowly in boys with autism. If we extrapolate, this may explain why Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) is so effective in helping children overcome the challenges of autism.  By providing early, intensive … Continue reading

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Teachers are so important to our children’s success!

Though this article is geared towards parents with children dealing with ADHD, I think the suggestions for partnering with your child’s teacher(s) are universally helpful. We are eager and willing to partner with schools and teachers to help each child … Continue reading

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Finally after many months, here is our video showing our work with Cody!

Though it has taken us a long time to get the DVD of our interview last spring posted on YouTube, I think you will find this well worth the wait!  He is such a cute kid and has done so well … Continue reading

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Autism and bullying survey

Found this great organization doing a survey on bullying and wanted to share it with all our families living with ASD. We encourage you to participate. Our experience is that kids and teens on the spectrum often find it difficult … Continue reading

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Are you familiar with Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD)?

I found this article very informative. Sometimes it is difficult to pin point what is going on with a kids that have special challenges.  Being familiar with the possibilities can be helpful. We work with a lot of kids that … Continue reading

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