You may be asking “Why Horses”

Horses live in the present moment and give immediate, unfiltered and honest feedback to those around them. By working closely with a horse or horses, a person learns better self-understanding. The size and true nature of the horse serve as metaphors for personal obstacles and challenges. These metaphors are then processed through conversation, through journaling, or through other personally expressed outlets. Benefits experienced by program participants include improved communication skills, improved teamwork skills, healthier relationships, improved self-confidence and self-esteem, improved work ethic, greater recognition of responsibility, appropriate assertiveness and self-discovery. People don’t change unless they are challenged, unless they are outside their comfort zone, and unless they are forced to find constructive answers for themselves.

All equine assisted therapy programs provide learning experiences that help participants accept responsibility and accountability; overcome barriers and find change; develop creative and innovative thinking; find opportunity in working together; realize the benefits associated with effective communication; and recognize the value of mutual trust, respect and personal integrity. Effective and long-lasting change occurs through active participation with the horses who, as excellent mirrors, reflect back to people who they really are. With the horses, clients can practice new behaviors in a safe and secure environment that nurtures inner healing and encourages optimal growth and development.

We would love to introduce you to our wonderful equine partners (the horses!) Call us to schedule a visit to the ranch.


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