Is there any reason not to seek a second opinion?

Doctors are authority figures and we are often tempted to accept their edicts as if they are golden truths from on high.  However the sad truth is that doctors have their “favorite recipes” just like the rest of us.  This Newsweek article looks at the possible over diagnosis of Bipolar disorder.  The fact is that the symptoms of many illnesses are similar. I’ve mentioned in previous posts how PTSD can look a lot like ADHD and this is just one example. It’s true in physical illnesses, why not in mental illnesses?

Whether there is a diagnosis or not, we can work on the symptoms. Equine Therapy is a great intervention for so many issues – lack of focus, low self-esteem, inadequate personal boundaries, impulsivity, depression and more.  Our program is client specific. We meet with you and design a game plan that addresses, through work with horses, your specific goals.

We would love to show you around the ranch, introduce you to our wonderful horses and share more with you about how our program might be able to help. Call us to schedule a visit!


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