Depression, some things to think about…

This is a good article that looks at some of the misinformation out of there about depression.

No one is immune from depression. It can happen to any of us. But, there are many things that can help. One of them is Equine Therapy!

Horses can be a wonderful addition to your treatment team.  They are kind, warm and accepting. They allow us to interact with them with no expectations other than that we reciprocate, treating them with kindness and respect. The simple activity of brushing a horse can be very soothing. Understanding how another creature thinks and feels, that bond of empathy, can help us feel less isolated. Add in gentle physical exercises in a beautiful location and improved self esteem and you can begin to see how our program works.

We invite you to come out, see the ranch, meet our wonderful horses and share more with us about what you are looking for. Call today to schedule a visit.

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