Alarming Rise in Teenage Girls Dealing with Depression

childconsultancy Life today can be very complicated. There is incredible pressures pulling in every direction and it often feels like there is little help available.

Teenage girls seem to be perhaps struggling the most. With conflicting expectation and too few positive role models, teenage girls are trying to figure out who they are and how troubled teentheir lives have meaning.  They deal with bullying, challenging family dynamics and changes in how ‘relationships’ work are all contributing to the stress. This CNN article paints a pretty grim picture.

There are things that can help. As you probably realize, most young/teenage girls love horses. This certainly gives us an advantage. Even when a girl may not feel comfortable or are is Baxter the gentle giant crop - for the webresistant to ‘therapy,’ they may be willing to check out a program that gives them the chance to interact with horses.

Horses are non-judgemental and live in the moment. They don’t care what we look like or what language we speak. Work with horses can build confidence and encourage strong personal boundaries, something that many young Grace lding Kodywomen struggle with.

And as the client begins to feel more comfortable with the team, she is likely to become more open in her communications with the Qualified Mental Health Associate that she works with.  Because of our unique position as part of her ‘horse team’ we have p1020780-2an opportunity to offer insights and guidance that the teen might otherwise be closed to hearing.

The bottom line, know the signs of depression and if you suspect that someone is struggling seek help!  We would be happy to show you around the ranch, introduce our horses to you, learn more about what you are dealing with and share how we might be able to help. Call us to schedule a visit.

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