Consider the Positives of ADHD

Most of the time we are dealing with the negative impact of ADHD. Lack of focus, impulsive behaviors and a myriad of social, emotional and behavioral issues accompany an ADHD diagnosis. This neurological disorder is challenging for the child/teen/adult with the issue, but also for all those who care for and interact with them.

However, this wonderful article in Scientific America takes a look at the positive aspects of the ADHD experience, sharing information on creative cognition. The ADHD mind may open many doors to creative problem solving and in being able to imagine new and different possibilities.

Of course we have to help get our kids focused and on task so that they can make it through the day and have personal and academic success. But it is also imperative that we help them, and those that interact with them, to see that the way they think is not only different, but very special.

In our work with horses we address the impulsivity and lack of focus. Clients have to lead, groom and help with tacking up their horse before they are able to play with them or ride. They get redirects and are advised that the sooner they complete these ‘tasks’ the more time they will have to just enjoy being with their horse.

But, we also leave lots of room for creative problem solving and encourage our clients to find new/different ways of doing things if they are having a problem. “Hmmm, you want to turn right, but Ruby wants to turn left. How do you think you can get her to go where you want her to? Is there another way to get there?”

Truly, the most important gift we can give our children is the ability to see that we all have challenges that we need to address, BUT we also all have incredible talents! The ADHD mind is especially suited for creative problem solving and turning ‘concepts’ into reality.

Le’s help our kids see themselves as capable and of immense value. This is how we help them reach their full potential!

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