Humor and horse behavior

When we are alone at the barn we have our favorite radio station (the X) playing to keep us company. Recently a local car dealer has been airing a commercial where he states “nobody walks” and has a horse winnie.  My Andalusian gelding, Kody, always calls back – none of the other horses do. It’s pretty cute! But it got me thinking about whether he knows this other horse. Kody was shipped to CA from Wisconsin (?) when he was 3. Once in CA he lived at 3 different ranches and was even in a vet hospital for a time (another story). Once he moved to NV, about 8 yrs ago, he lived at another 4 barns before he came to me. Our beautiful ranch in So. Reno is the 2nd place he has lived since joining me. Also, for several years, he was hauled back and forth daily to a big ranch South of here.  My goodness, this horse on the radio could be his mother, brother, best pasture buddy, or a girl friend! Who knows? I’m almost tempted to get in touch with the car dealer to see if he know the horse in his commercial to see if I can figure out if it’s possible that these two horses paths have crossed…

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