Nevada Budget may impact Medicaid

With huge budget deficits looming, the government, both locally and nationally, continue to look at cutting services for the most needy. This article in the Las Vegas Sun points out how short sighted it is to cut Medicaid benefits.

As a Nevada Medicaid provider (PSR services for mental health clients) I can tell you that we are often talking about children and teens who have suffered greatly in their young lives.  They may be in foster or group homes. Their parents may be addicts or in jail, or maybe just a single mom who is struggling with poverty to keep her family together. These kids and teens may face the same fate if they do not receive proper interventions.  Equine Therapy can help them develop self esteem, focus and the appropriate coping skills required to succeed in school and in life.

Let your representatives know that understand the longterm consequences of short-term thinking and do not support cuts to Medicaid.

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