What is OCD?

This article gives a pretty good look at Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). At the end of the piece they talk about spending time “desensitizing”. This would be the work we do!

Horses hold an incredible allure. The lure of spending time with these wonderful animals leads to the willingness to set aside the obsessions. I worked with a guy who always carried his coil of “ropin'” rope with him. At first he would try to ride with the rope over his arm.
However, he eventually discovered that he was better balanced and able to ride independently if he set the rope down while mounted. In the end, he actually left the rope back at the group home, rather than drag it out to the ranch for his sessions.

We would love to show you our beautiful ranch (almost 13 acres in South Reno), introduce you to our wonderful horses and chat with you more about how our program works – call us!

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