We offer our support

There are those who will continue to say “not in my backyard” (literally) while the rest of the community suffers from incredibly tough economic times!

The Harrah’s have proposed developing their property located in South Reno. The way we see it this would, 1) create jobs – construction, retail, health services, services sector and more, 2) bring tourists with money to the area – a high end equestian facility could host events that would bring the “horsey crowd” (money crowd) to the area where they would undoubtedly spread the wealth around and 3) provide additional/different tax base for an economy in trouble.

Obviously there are things that must be addressed to make this project workable, but with certain concessions the impact to the surrounding properties should be minimized and the benefits to the community would be substantial. Therefore, we offer our support for this proposal and look forward to seeing the project unfold.

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