What will these children learn to expect from life?

This story talks about the growing number of homeless children/teens.

I am very worried for this population. With their lives in turmoil how will they be able to succeed in the classroom? Will there be a quiet place to do homework? Will they be left alone in an unsecure environment? What will parents who are dealing with overwhelming hardship have to give them emotionally, let alone financially? What kinds of friendships will they form in transient living situations?

As a community we must face the challenges of providing for our most desperately needy. Theses children/teens will need our care and understanding. Schools and educators must be ready to provide options that allow these displaced children and teens to be successful.

We would be happy to talk to other community members about partnering to provide some kind of program for local children and teens who are dealing with homelessness. Call us to schedule a visit and we can talk about the possibilities…

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