When your child is dealing with “undue” anxiety…

Just yesterday we had a little girl out at the ranch who had a mini-melt down when asked to simply sit on a horse. My partner and I assured her that we would be there, on either side of her and that all she was going to do was sit, “the horse is not going to move and after we count to 5, you can get right back off again if you want to.” But it was so hard for her. She was so fearful. Her mom confirmed that she often works herself up over things that really should not be a problem.

This article looks at when fears and anxiety are inappropriate to the situation and encourages supportive interventions…

Like Equine Therapy! In the end, we helped out little girl get over her fears. Everyone, her mother, young friend who had come to see the horses and both Bambi and I told her how proud we were of her and SHE WAS PROUD OF HERSELF!  Later,  when I asked her which horse she wanted to sit on next week, she eagerly stated, “I think I’ll sit on Ruby again.”

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