We are so proud of this little guy!

This six year old little boy has been working with us for almost 11 months now. When he started with us his vocabulary was limited to a few words (yes, no, momma, daddy) and typical autistic verbalizations. Not only could he not ride independently, he couldn’t even hold the line correctly when leading his horse… today this delightful little boy rode independently! He now speaks in complete compound sentences, asking questions, making observations and giving directions. He has learned to coordinate using his reins and turning his head to look where he is going when he wants to turn his horse.  Today he actually got a little frustrated when his horse was not listening to him, but rather than have a melt-down, he “cowboyed up” and with fair firmness directed his horse where he wanted to go. This was a banner day!

We invite you to call us and schedule a visit to tour the ranch, meet the horses and learn more about how our program for kids and teens on the autism spectrum works.

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