Acne and self-esteem

Not surprisingly, a study has found that acne negatively impacts a teen’s self-esteem and could lead to an increased incidence of depression. So as a parent, if your teen is struggling with acne, you may want to consider engaging them in activities that will help boost their self image.

Horses don’t care about outward appearances. Short, tall, black, brown, blonde or brunet, blue eyed or green, clear skinned or acne – none of it matters! Horses respond to how we interact with them.  Through our work with horses, among other things, we develop leadership skills and self confidence. We build bonds while caring for them, grooming, leading and working on Pat Parelli’s “7-games”.  And there are great life lessons on the ground or in the saddle as well.

If you are concerned about your teen, please call us to arrange a visit to the ranch. We will give you a tour, introduce you to the horses and share more about how our program works.


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