How do I help my loved one with OCD?

Often it is tough to know what to do. This article offers a few simple tips on how to be supportive.

The lure of working with horses can be very enticing. Often clients will slowly be able to set aside behaviors that interfere with their being able to participate fully. with the horses.

I worked with one guy who always had to have his “ropin'” rope, a large coil of actual roping rope, with him where ever he went.  Initially he carried it with him even while riding, but it affected his balance and we did not feel he was safe to ride independently while carrying the rope. The day came when being able to ride on his own was more important than carrying his rope. Eventually he was able to leave the rope at his group home and we were advised that even there, he did not carry it with him all the time any longer…

We would love to share more about how our program may be able to help. Give us a call to schedule a tour of the ranch, an introduction to our wonderful horses and to learn more about how our program works.

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