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Not much in the news this morning, so decided to bring you up to date on all the things that are going on with us at N.E.A.T.

As many of you know, April is Autism Awareness Month. Marianna Jacob, a reporter w/KOLO (ABC affiliate) is scheduled this morning to come out and film us working with one of our clients. He is a little boy we have been working with for almost a year now. Just the other day his father asked, “Remember when I first brought him? He didn’t talk then, but look at him now!” And it’s true. When this little boy started with us he had a less than 10 word vocabulary. Now he is speaking in complete, and even fairly complex sentences, “I want to go to the dollar store and get a taxi.”  And language is just one part of what he has accomplished; he is now riding independently! Initially this child could not even hold the reins in his hands for more than a moment, now he uses his reins effectively with minimal direction! We are so excited for this little guy and only see more good things to come. I will let everyone know when it will air. We are also working on getting a copy, but copyright laws may mean I won’t be able to post it.

We are also very excited about a new alliance with a Board Certified Behavioral Analyst, Calli Anderson. Bambi and I are in the process of upgrading our credentials, allowing us to expand the types of services that we offer to those on the Autism Spectrum. We will keep you posted as new details are available.

We are pleased to be authorized by Nevada Medicaid to offer Psycho-Social Rehabilitation for Medicaid Mental Health recipients. We became Medicaid providers just before the first of the year and have begun to see our first Medicaid clients. We are also working with local clinicians to complete the pre-authorizations for all those who have been referred to us. If you or your child/teen are currently enrolled in Medicaid or are Medicaid eligible and would like more information, please call us at (775) 473-5548 or e-mail us at

We are proud of our partnership with Center for Hope of the Sierras, a local comprehensive eating disorder program. We work with a small group once a week and have had many “aha moments” with them. We measure our success by examples such this comment made by one of gals who was being discharged, “I have learned so much from you, and not just about horses”.

After meeting with our friend Joseph Galata, Executive Director of Sierra Association of Foster Families, we have scheduled two open houses for foster families in April – Tuesday, April 12 and Thursday, April 14 – from 2:30 – 4:30 in the afternoon. These events are meant to introduce foster families, birth parents and professionals working with foster families, to the magic of horses. We will introduce the horses, discuss a little bit about herd/horse behavior and provide a demonstration of what an actual session activity might look like. Refreshments will be served. Space is limited, so if you or someone you know would like to attend, please call us at (775)473-5548 or e-mail us at

On Friday, April 15th, we are teaming up with Sherry Sanders, MFT, M.Ed, a WCSD Counselor and private practice therapist, to offer a “Spring Break Horse Day Camp”. We will be introducing kids and teens to some of the things that horses can teach us, offering them an opportunity to observe and interact with our wonderful equine partners. Please call us at (775)473-5548 or e-mail us at for more information.

It is so wonderful to see the weather improving (though this is Reno and it has been known to snow in July!) and we are looking forward to getting in more riding time. Though the horses have been working pretty steadily all winter long, it will be nice to get back out on the trails – we have wonderful trail access at Bartley Ranch! Bambi and I are actually planning to get out today and enjoy the best that life has to offer and we encourage you to do the same.

That’s the new for now – you know I’ll keep you posted!



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