A new research piece on “at risk youth” and Equine Therapy

This is a little technical in nature, but a very good article about this woman’s research study into the benefits of equine therapy in work with “at risk youth”.

Though we see the results every day, it is always good to see more evidence supporting the
work we do!  From young children to teens, adults and even seniors – we offer individual work as well as couples, siblings, family and small group work. We can even create a team building/corporate retreat program for your business! Our clients learn about horses from the ground up – horse/herd behavior, leading and grooming, “games” that we can play with horses and, if appropriate, mounted work –
including trail rides at the adjacent recreation area.

We would love to share more with you about our program, introduce you to our wonderful horses and show you around the ranch. Call us today to schedule a visit.


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