Happy Mother’s Day to all who do battle for their children

I want to share this article entitled, “What does it take to Be an Autism Mom?”

You have my respect. Everyday you face so many challenges. All you really want is what every mother wants for their child, the best that life has to offer.  But for you that may mean battling with a teacher, school administrator or even an entire school district. It may mean enduring tantrums anywhere, anytime; tantrums that leave both of you exhausted and sometimes bruised both physically and emotionally.  You may be lucky and have a supportive partner, family and friends, but often you may feel alone and isolated.  You do without so that your child can have the costly (thank you to the states that have mandated insurance carriers cover autism interventions!) treatments that may mean a more normal life in the future. The strict routines you follow, from way you help your child get dressed, to the food you put on the table and even the path you follow when driving your child to school, probably make you long for a day when you can do anything you want – even if that is just doing nothing. My heart goes out to you. You are my hero. We would love to help. Please call us if you would like to take a tour of the ranch, meet our wonderful horses and hear more about how our program works for those on the spectrum.

And again, Happy Mother’s day.

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