The cost of war on female soldiers

This LA Times article looks at the recent findings that woman are more susceptible to PTSD. We need to offer resources for our returning vets to find a way to healing.

Equine Therapy is a powerful intervention in the treatment of PTSD. As prey animals, horses are an incredible mirror of the PTSD mind. Learning to recognize why a horse responds the way they do to the world around them helps those with PTSD see more clearly how and why they respond the way they do. It’s all about survival. In learning how to calm and sooth a troubled horse, clients develop techniques they can use to self sooth. The developing horse/human relationship can help to rebuild damaged relationship skills.  And there are so many other life lessons that horses can direct us to!

We would love to introduce you to our wonderful equine partners! Call us today to schedule a tour of the ranch and to learn more about how equine assisted activities may be able to help.

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