Parents, you need to take action if your children are being bullied!

I am proud of our Governor for signing a bill outlining the actions that must be taken to protect our children from bullies. This article provides some of the details. NOW PARENTS, EDUCATORS AND CARE GIVERS, the ball is in your court! Do not stand by and let your child be bullied. If you hear of bullying take it to the next level – Principals, the law says you must act! Do not let the children you are charged with caring for be harmed by another. Whether it is verbal or physical abuse, bullying is abuse and can not be tolerated!

Our program can help empower kids. By teaching them to be good leaders with a 1200 lb horse, they learn that they do have some control in their lives. By improving self-esteem and problem solving skills we give them more tools for dealing with life’s challenges.

We invite you to come out and see the ranch, meet our wonderful horses and learn more about how our program works. Call us today to schedule a visit.

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