Genetic links between ADHD and ASD

Though this article is a bit technical, I think the information is very interesting and the findings could lead to all kinds of new developments for both ADHD and ASD.

The truth is we are all on a continuum when it comes to strengths and our challenges. In our program we work to  encourage and appreciate the strengths while developing ways to minimize the challenges Рthis is true for our clients as well as our horses. Not all horses are built to be race horses Рnot all horses are designed to pull a cart Рnot all horses supple enough to cut cows. First you have to look at how the horse is built, then you have to look at temperament. If a horse is too easygoing, even if he is built for it, he will not make a good barrel racer Рhis heart is just not in it! Lucky for us that all 4 of our horses enjoy being therapy horses! Their personalities are each unique and they each bring something different to our work with clients.

We would love to have you come out and tour the ranch, meet our wonderful horses and share more about the issues you may be dealing with. Call us to schedule a visit.

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