ADHD and written expression

This article was kind of an “aha moment” for me. I struggled in my early years with the spelling, grammar and punctuation. Of course, like most kids, I just figured it was because I was stupid…I was actually surprised when, as an adult, I actually was recognized for a piece I had written.

My feeling is, this simply means we need to help our kids understand that this is going to be challenging. We must help them feel confident that if they work hard their best efforts will be “good enough”. They are not stupid! Their efforts will pay off and they will get the hang of it.

Working with horses can help build the self confidence that makes tackling challenging situations easier. “I can control a 1.000 lb horse. I’m a good leader. I know what to do if things are tough.” This attitude can make all the difference in the world for a child with classroom challenges!

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