This is the story of many of our families

This story really exemplifies the lives of many of our clients. Their biological parents, for whatever reason, are unable to care for them, and rather than see them end up in “the system,” grandparents step in to take on the role of parents.

In the best of situations this is trying. Many of these kids have suffered neglect and abuse or have witnessed abuse. They may have had little love or guidance. They may suffer from feelings of abandonment or guilt…and this is just the tip of the iceberg. 

N.E.A.T. wants to commend all the grandparents and other relatives that step up and accept the challenging of providing a loving home for children that might otherwise may be passed from foster home to foster home (WE ALSO THANK ALL THOSE WHO PROVIDE FOSTER CARE FOR CHILDREN!) or end up in a group home situation where what kids really need, ATTENTION, is in short supply.

For our part, we offer individual sessions, as well as sibling and family work. Through work with horses clients may improve communication and practice cooperation and compromise. They may build leadership skills and self confidence. And this is just the beginning!

We would love to have you come out to the ranch, take a tour, meet our wonderful horses and learn more about how our program can help.

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