Short and sweet parenting tips

Just a little tidbit, giving a few ideas to make your life easier as a parent living with ADHD.

In our work we focus on firm, fair and consistent rules, not only for the horses, but for the clients too.  Most of our rules are about being safe and if a child has trouble with these rules, they may be grounded (not allowed to ride) until we feel we can keep them safe, meaning that they are listening and follow the rules. So you can imagine they have a pretty strong incentive to do as they are asked. During our work with horse we may focus on decreasing impulsivity, improving self confidence and being able to stay on task, all wonderful things that horses can help teach. 

We would love to have you come out for a visit, tour the ranch, meet our wonderful horses and learn more about how our program works. Call us today to schedule a visit.


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