Thought provoking article on one aspect of Equine Therapy

There are so many ways that horses can help us heal. In this interesting article, Claire Dorotik, LMFT, addresses how horses can be helpful in work with those who have been victimized. Horses cut to the heart of what is going on and lead us, sometimes literally, to where we need to go to do the work of healing.

We work with each client to set individual goals. Each client starts from the ground up, learning about horse and herd behavior, learning to halter, lead and groom, how to play ‘games’ with horses and ultimately how to ride. Along the way our clients are encouraged to bond and connect with “their” special horse, as this relationship will enhance all of the work they do with their horse.

We would love an opportunity to show you around the ranch, introduce you to each of our very special horses and share more with you about what our program has to offer.  Please call us to schedule a visit.


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