Equine Therapy in the treatment of PTSD

This is a great program out of Clovis, California, that is help veterans deal with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).

Horses offer an incredible opportunity for healing. Whether you or someone you know has experienced trauma that has left them with stress, fear or anxiety, horses may be able to help.

All of our clients start out learning about horse (prey) and herd behavior. They learn to lead and groom, maintaining appropriate personal boundaries and emotional energy to interact safely with horses. They learn how to use energy to move horses, implementing “levels of pressure” to accomplish the goal in the least intrusive manner. And ultimately or clients participate in mounted work, where they put the things they have learned into building a trusting relationship and communicating effectively with their equine partner.

As well as our individual sessions we offer couples, family and small group work that can facilitate improved communication, something that is often difficult for those dealing with PTSD.

If you our someone you know is living with PTSD, call us. We will schedule a visit for you to see our beautiful ranch, meet our incredible horses and learn more about how our program may be able to help.

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