The wounds of our childhood

Recently, after reading a post of mine about a young client I am working with, a friend of mine shared some very personal details of his own childhood. As my friend shared the pain he dealt with as a child, my heart ached for that young boy who became an angry teen, but ultimately a good man.

This led me to think about how so many of us suffered as children/teens from abuse, both physical and emotional, neglect and even from ignorance. Even when the pain is unintentional, many, many, many children and teens end up with devastating emotional (and sometimes physical) wounds. Those wounds are often “doctored” by burying them deep inside our hearts, ignoring them or willing them away.

As adults, some may be successful in living a functional life, though it’s questionable if they really ever reach their full potential. But for many, this “functioning” really doesn’t work very well at all. They may turn to drugs, alcohol or other addictions. For many it shows up as depression, or unreasonable/uncontrollable anger or an inability to form lasting, loving relationships. It’s heart wrenching to consider the lost potential, the untapped talents and gifts, and the lives that lack the joy and beauty that are possible.

Having said all that let me add, I do not believe that having had an abusive or troubled childhood is an excuse for not having a rich and full life. As adults we have the choice to do the work that gets us past the old hurts, helps the wounds to heal and allows us to move and to become the best we can be.

Work with horses can be a very powerful part of this process. Building self confidence, putting aside ways of interacting that don’t work and discovering ways new ways that do are all possible benefits of work with horses.

If you or someone you know continues to harbor the wounds of childhood, living a life that is less than all it can be, seek help. Life is too short not to enjoy every moment you can. We would love to show you around the ranch and introduce you to our incredible equine partners (the horses). We will learn more about what is going on in your life and share with you what we feel we may be able to help you with. Call us today to schedule a visit.

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