Equine Therapy and Depression

I read this sad, personal and informative piece on depression and wanted to invite the writer to come meet our horses.

Depression takes so many forms and can cause damage in so many ways, including, as this blogger writes, killing the depressed person.

Young or old, man or woman, there is help. Whether you life has recently taking some bad turns and you are feeling unhappy an out of control or you struggled with depression for years, Nevada Equine Assisted Therapy offers a new and unique way to begin the healing process. We are always happy to work as part of a treatment team and will work with you and any other professionals that you are seeing, to create real goals and objectives to help you find a happier and healthier life.

Call us today to schedule a visit. We will show you around the ranch, introduce you to our wonderful horses, learn more about your challenges and share more about how we may be able to help. Don’t continue to live in pain…make the call.

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