No Quick Fix, but there is hope

I know that all of us would like to have a magic wand we could wave to fix all the problems our children/teens experience. This may include social, emotional and behavioral issues related to various mental health issues, such as ADHD. However, most studies show, that long term growth and change takes time.

Now researchers are finding that, though “Behavioral” based therapies may take longer, they may be more healthy and have greater long term benefits. The article suggest that the two interventions combined may offer the best solutions for many dealing with ADHD.

In our work with horses we can address ADHD issues by increasing focus, decreasing impulsivity, improving the ability to
follow multi-step directions and building self confidence. The skills and behaviors learned while working with the horses can then be transferred to other areas of the child’s/teen’s life.

We invite you to come out and see the ranch, meet the horses and learn more about how our program works. Call today to schedule a visit.

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