When all the love we have doesn’t seem to be enough

Reactive Adjustment Disorder (RAD) can be so very complicated.

I found this post to be insightful and helpful. Even when we love our kids with all our hearts, they may not feel that they deserve what we offer. How incredibly painful this must be for both the child and the parent who feels rejected when their affection or compassion is rebuffed.

We do a lot of work with kids, teens and families that are, or have been part of the foster care and adoptive services system. Because of a horses ability to patiently accept the here and now, not making judgments or taking things too personally, they can be wonderfully effective in helping the healing from RAD to take place.

We invite you to come see the ranch, meet our incredible horses, share a bit about what you are dealing with and learn about about what we may be able to do to help. Call us today to schedule a visit.

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