Quick Reminder about ADHD

It’s summer and the kids are out of school. Lots of routines fall by the wayside, but this quick reminder about children (and teens!) living with ADHD seemed important to share.

Often kids/teens with ADHD get themselves worked up with excitement to a place that makes them hard to be around. This can really become a problem in public and spoil an otherwise wonderful family adventure. Maintaining routines, including medications, can help these kids/teens function in a more appropriate manner which is good for everyone.

In our work with horses, some of the things we help children/teens with ADHD do are  increase focus, decrease impulsivity and improve self esteem. This process goes on year round!

We would love to have you come out and visit the ranch, meet our wonderful horses and talk about what you are dealing with and how we may be able to help. Call today to schedule a visit.

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