How what we expect from our kids helps to determine what we get

Well, I haven’t posted anything in such a long time, but this story on NPR this morning was one I just had to share.

The fact is that what we expect from kids and how we respond to them makes all the difference in the world in what we get for behaviors.

This is true at home as well as in the classroom and it is true in the work that we do with our horses.

For me the stories conclusion, “…to change beliefs, the best thing to do is change behaviors…It’s far more powerful to work from the outside in than the inside out if you want to change expectations…In other words, if you want to change a mind, simply talking to it might not be enough,” is the most powerful point, as it relates to the work we do with kids. Talking may not make a difference, but in our work with the horses we help kids and teens change their behaviors. This changes  not only how others see them, but how they see themselves as well. This can be the change that allows a child to believe in themselves and all that they can be…


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