Sad truth about eating disorders

We are very proud of the work we do with The Center For Hope of the Sierras. They offer a comprehensive eating disorder treatment program and include weekly sessions with us as part of their therapeutic interventions.

This past week, several of the gals we were working with lamented how long their recovery seemed to be taking, as some of them have been working the program for 90 days or more.

However, what stopped all of us, was the question, “yes, but how long have you had your disorder?”  The first gal said, “well, that’s true. I would say it’s been 6 years”.
The other replied, “I have you beat, I think it’s been 7 years for me.” These are young woman, 18, 19 years old. That means they have been living with their disorder since they were 11 or 12 years old!

Thankfully both young ladies were able to see that the time they had been working on recovery was really very short based on how long they had battled their illness and were thankful for this perspective.

But I will admit, that for our team this was a real “ah ha moment” of understanding about how susceptible young girls are to the stresses and influences that can drag them under. I’m posting this as a wake-up call to all parents. If you even suspect that your child has an eating disorder or food related issues, don’t let years go by, seek help! It is far worse to do nothing when something is wrong than to seek out a professional opinion and discover that there is no cause for worry…

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