Helping teens with ADHD lead more normal lives

The teen years are so challenging. Our teens may still cling to us in many instances, looking for safety in routines and rules, yet they want to spread their wings and begin the preparations for being an adult.

Teens with special needs may have a more difficult time, as we struggle to protect them and work hard to support them in their independance.  I found these tips on preparing ADHD teens to become drives really helpful and I think that they can be applied in other areas as well.

In our work with horses, we help our clients consider many ‘what if’ propositions. Is it safe to tie a horse to a fence? What would happen if he pulled back? Is it safe to squate down next to a horse while you are grooming? What happens if the horse steps over? These simple lessons help teach our clients to think about what might happen in other situations. Additionally, we do a lot of work on staying focused, especially when there are other things to distract us. And of course, as with driving, when you are working with horses there are multiple things that you have to be aware of – what’s right in front of you, but also what’s coming up ahead. Oh, and there is the ability to coordinate your body – legs long, toes up, arms relaxed, etc. that help prepare our clients for lots of real life situations, such as driving, where they will need to be aware of what different parts of their bodies are doing. Pretty amazing to think that work with horses does all this AND MORE!

If you know a teen who is struggling in any of these areas, we would be happy to meet with you, show you around, introduce the horses and talk more with you about how our program works. Call or email us to set up a visit!

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